06/03/18 - The Selecter @ Dr Martens Boot Room, Camden / by Paul Boyling

Pauline Black & Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson

Pauline Black & Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson

The last time I photographed The Selecter was at Leytonstone Big Weekender in Waltham Forest sometime in September 2015. They performed on a box stage to open crowd, confined to the Leytonstone Underground station car park, adjacent to the train lines. From what I remember (and from the photographs I had taken at the time), it was a great show.

Now, less than three years later, in the much more intimate venue of the Dr Martens Boot Room in Camden Market, not only were The Selecter as good as when I last saw them; they were better than ever and on top form. Performing a more streamlined set, the band predominantly focused on playing the classic songs from the band's seminal debut album. Too Much Pressure (apart from 'On My Radio', from the album, Out on the Streets).

Nonetheless, they powered through the night with upbeat vigor and gusto; their blend of 2 Tone, ska, reggae and soul keeping the crowd of all ages buzzing and having a good ol' knees up - as Pauline Black herself proclaimed: "keep puttin' the "Air" in Air-Wair." 

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Three Minute Hero // Missing Words // Danger // Train To Skaville // James Bond // On My Radio // Carry Go Bring Home (Justin Hinds) // Too Much Pressure