One small step for man... / by Paul Boyling

After a few months of portfolio tinkering as well as getting other personal stuff in order (not to mention being snowed in and not being able to travel into London due to insufficient transport), I've finally got my new website up and running! 

Furthermore, it's quite daunting to start a blog; especially when the world and the internet at large is already oversaturated with bloggers, vloggers and photographers. Nevertheless, might as well give it a go and see where this takes me. From today onward, I aim to keep an up-to-date blog of whatever I get up to photographically speaking; whether it be gigs, conventions or exhibitions.

Speaking of which, I'm attending the fast approaching Walker Stalker Con (London) on 10th & 11th March, and fingers crossed, attending the following conventions throughout the year:

Moreover, both of my latest reviews for Photomonitor are now online to read (please go and check 'em out):

Exhibition Review: JR: GIANTS: Body of Work at Lazinc Sackville

Book Review: Bailey's Naga Hills by David Bailey (Steidl)

I haven't shot many gigs or such in the last month or so (due to lack of funds), but I'm optimistic that work will pick up soon. In the meantime, you can view what I've shot thus far here.