11/03/18 - Atomic Suplex, Los Pepes and The Electric Shakes @ Trash Landing (New Cross Inn) / by Paul Boyling


*NOTE: Originally published on 12/03/18*

It was a shame that I couldn't photograph all of the bands at the Trash Landing gig at the New Cross Inn, but the coverage of Walker Stalker Con London was a priority. Bands such as the leather-clad Moto Vamp and Randy Savages were a shame to miss.

T'was the first time seeing Bournemouth-based The Electric Shakes, self described as:

"If the MC5 and Motorhead had a baby, raised it on some Bon Scott era 'DC with a side of down tuned boogie, and [then] let it run feral looking for a party."

and I have to admit, this statement sums up the band quite nicely; the bassist, "Eric", having a striking resemblance to Lemmy Kilmister only adds to the impression. I would recommend checking out their two albums, The Electric Shakes and Electrohypnosis (both made a nice listening session whilst editing the photos from the evening.)

Los Pepes - "The loudest power-pop band on Earth" - are another band not to miss. Whether its Ben Perrier's frantic singing or guitar-playing style (normally a motion blur onstage) or Kris Hood's wild-eyed drumming, the band never disappoint. Currently on tour to promote their "Greatest Hits" LP on Snap! Records, I definitely can't wait to see them again when they support the sensational Japanese "Jet Rock" band, Guitar Wolf, in Walthamstow in two weeks' time. 

Finally, Atomic Suplex - no matter how many times I watch/photograph them live, I never get tired of them. Their infectious energy only grows the longer you are exposed to their garage punk sound. Jim Suplex's electrifying guitar licks , mixed with JD's superfluous drumming and Dan's bass lines creates an hard-hitting, headbanging experience. Even when Jim is thrashing about onstage (hindered by the limited visibility of the pilot helmet), it is highly entertaining.

Trash Landing was a nice little gig to finish off what was an exhausting weekend, and photographing these familiar bands was a nice therapeutic way to cap it off. 

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